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Two Voices, Six Instruments, and a LOT of show!

The "Pamela K. Ward Duo" is perfect for all venues, private parties, casinos, festivals and more! Features all the dynamic show and fantastic sound of the full band performance with a personal touch and the appeal of audience interaction.



With their musical backgrounds about as diverse as you can get, when you put the two of them together it's quite a rare experience.  

Pamela was raised on a sixth generation family farm outside the small Arkansas town of McRae. She began performing onstage at the age of two and honed her chops on Beale Street playing with Memphis blues greats. She moved to Nashville in 2001 and has spent her life entertaining audiences across the U.S. with her high energy stage antics, multi-instrument musicianship and powerhouse vocals.

A native of Seattle, Chris has been on the road since the age of 14, when he traveled out of Nashville with his musician father who played bass with the likes of Willie Nelson, Guy Clark and the Flying Burrito Brothers. He took his love of music back to Seattle where he performed in multiple successful rock bands during the 90s grunge era. His band, Radio Star, toured the west coast from Seattle to LA to Mexico. He returned to his Nashville roots in 2009 when he moved to the city to play bass and guitar for Pamela. 

In the ten years since, Chris and Pamela have performed their one of a kind stage show from Washington to Florida and have co-written and recorded dozens of original songs. Performing an average of 120 dates a year, making music and entertainment is their passion, leaving their audiences saying, "Wow! I've never seen anything like that before."



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